Tara Dracup, Bark Busters
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Tara Dracup, Bark Busters

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing something you love and being able to make a good living at it.”


Tara Dracup knows all about disobedient dogs. Back in 2005, she was at her wits’ end trying to stop her dog from incessantly barking at her. One visit from Bark Busters was all it took to turn things around.

“After one lesson my dog just stopped barking at me. I was completely thrilled,” she remembers. But it wasn’t just Dracup’s dog that was transformed by the experience. “At the time, I was looking for a career change and I’d always wanted to work with dogs.”

Dracup considered starting her own dog training business but ultimately decided it would be wiser to invest in a Bark Busters franchise, citing the training and support offered. Sold on the Bark Busters concept, Dracup made the leap from client to franchisee.

Over 10 years later and Dracup’s dog training business is thriving. In a typical week, she visits ten to fifteen clients, with lessons lasting from one to three hours. When she meets with new clients, Dracup begins by watching them interact with their dogs. “I get them to show me what they’re doing with their dog. I tell them to pretend I’m not there,” she describes. Dracup then reviews basic dog psychology with clients to explain the source of their dog’s misbehavior and ways to correct it.

The Bark Busters approach – using dog-friendly methods based on how dogs communicate to each other – is highly effective, says Dracup. “You see results very quickly. By the end of the lesson there’s such a dramatic improvement in the dog’s behavior.” She says the highlight of her day is seeing her customers’ reactions. “When they see the change in their dog, they can’t stop talking about it.”

Dracup says the main benefit of being a Bark Busters franchisee is operating under a respected and established brand. “The Bark Busters name means a lot. If I walk into a vet clinic and say I’m from Bark Busters, I have instant credibility.”

As a Bark Busters franchisee, Tara Dracup has been able to turn her love of dogs into a profitable, full-time business, a dream most people are unable to fulfill on their own. “There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing something you love and being able to make a good living at it.”

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