Tamana Amanzay, Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar Employee
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Tamana Amanzay, Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar Employee


“(Working in customer service) is the best way to prepare for your future. I started off there and it took me very far from where I used to be.”


As an employee with beauty franchise Trade Secrets, university student Tamana Amanzay has been able to save money for school while also developing essential management and customer service skills.

Amanzay began her career with Trade Secrets as an employee at one of the franchise’s stores in Mississauga, Ontario, eventually working her way up to manager at the age of 18. She left that role to return to school full-time but continued to work part-time at another store.

Her brother, meanwhile, became a franchisee with Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar, Trade Secrets’ quick-service beauty concept, opening a store in downtown Toronto. When he became too busy with another business venture to run the store, he asked his sister to take over as manager.

Amanzay took to the role immediately, improving sales and boosting the store’s marketing and promotion. “When I took over, I didn’t have any challenges; it was just pick up and go,” she says. “The place was great, the environment was great and it was fun to work with the other girls.”

Amanzay’s day-to-day responsibilities include everything from managing staff, to ordering product, to providing aesthetic services to customers. When it comes to juggling these responsibilities with her studies (she’s currently completing her final year of a criminology degree at the University of Toronto), she says she’s used to multi-tasking. “I’ve been doing it for so many years, it’s easy for me to handle it.”

She credits her staff for helping shoulder the work load. “I have managing staff who take care of the front end sales part of it,” she says. “It makes life easier; I’m not overloading myself with too much.”

She can also turn to head office for support at any time. “It’s good to have someone on the other end. They’re always there,” she says, adding that, in addition to operational support, the company offers ongoing training for franchisees and employees. “If there’s any new product we need to bring in, they train us for it.”

As a young manager who has risen through the ranks, Amanzay has dealt with her fair share of challenges. “When you’re in a leadership position and you’re younger, it can be hard,” she says, recounting her early days as an 18-year-old store manager. “I learned so much in that time and now I don’t have any issues with managing the business.”

One of the lessons she’s learned along the way is to find ways to engage staff. “I did a lot of research on how to keep them happy,” she says. “You don’t want your staff to fear you; be open with them and make them comfortable. Make the environment joyful so that your staff love being there.”

She’s also learned the importance of providing exceptional customer service. “We get a lot of new walk-in clients every day and they’ll come back because of the service you give them,” she says. “We sometimes get picky customers or clients who’ve had a hectic day. You need to be patient.”

Amanzay values the experience she’s gained working for Trade Secrets and Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar and says everyone can benefit from working in customer service. “It’s the best way to prepare for your future. I started off there and it took me very far from where I used to be.”

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