Stacey Sherwood, SupperWorks
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Q&A with SupperWorks Franchisee Stacey Sherwood

Why did you become a franchisee?
I became a franchisee because I wanted a business to call my own – with the strength and experience of a team behind me! Starting a business from build-out was super exciting. Knowing that I had proven systems in place to back up my passion and energy once the doors were open was a big boost to my confidence and independence.

How did you choose your franchise?
Having grown up in a traditional, independently owned family restaurant I “knew” food and the energy and commitment it takes to run a food business. From the first time I walked in for a meal-prep session at SupperWorks (given to me as a gift!) I knew this business model was going to be a success. Most of the “unknowns” experienced in a traditional food business – “who, what, and how much” are already resolved before your customers walk through the front door. It was love at first sight!

What do you enjoy most about being a franchisee?
What I love most about being a franchisee is being part of the SupperWorks family. We believe in the brand and we are passionate about protecting it and growing it. We are our own businesses but together, we share freely with each other what will help us all be more effective: marketing strategies, buying power, and sometimes even staff as they move from city to city! We genuinely cheer for each other’s success because, ultimately, we are all successful.

In what ways do you support or get involved in your local community? Why is this important to you?
If we are not here for each other, why are we here? Businesses cannot thrive without the support of their community. As business owners, I strongly believe we have more than just a responsibility; it’s an obligation, to support the community that supports your business.

At SupperWorks Ancaster we fulfill every donation requested from our client base and business network partners: golf tournaments, silent auctions, donations of food, sponsorships, community event support and participation.

We support with annual sponsorships and in-kind donations some fantastic community programs: Food4Kids Hamilton, Ancaster Rotary, 100 Women Hamilton, and CCAS. A recent addition to our charitable giving is the Mark Preece House in Hamilton. We are thoroughly enjoying the privilege of feeding the residents of the Mark Preece House once a month. Good food and great conversation can be a source of comfort and escape, even just for a little while.