The Ramji Family, Ctrl V
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Q&A with Ctrl V Franchisees The Ramji Family

Why did you become a franchisee?
Having owned and operated various businesses, we felt that the kind of growth we were looking for would be best served under a franchise banner. We have started from the ground up in various other ventures and industries, and this time we were looking for additional support to build a new business.

How did you choose your franchise?
In our years of business we have not ventured into anything so new and groundbreaking as Virtual Reality and given the groundwork Ctrl V had already done, it was a no-brainer. After meeting with the owners, we recognized everything they bring to the table – their knowledge of and passion for virtual reality combined with their foresight into the growth that this industry offers sealed the deal for us. The head office at Ctrl V is extremely hardworking, patient, and supportive, all of which are values we hold in high regard.

What do you enjoy most about being a franchisee?
The structured nature of being a franchisee is what appeals to us the most. All the “testing” per se has been done for us and the franchisor has found what works. In this case it has all worked out excellently. With experience, regulations, and direction we are able to follow a proven and successful model to garner the same results.

In what ways do you support or get involved in your local community? Why is this important to you?
With owning an independent multiplex cinema in Red Deer we are able to support a multitude of non-profit organizations. Over the past 20 years, we have donated the use of our facilities and services to schools and charities and we have no plans to discontinue this tradition. Going forward, we are also fostering this culture in our Ctrl V franchise to support our community. The strength of our business comes from our community and it is for this reason that we are always keen to give back.