Cheryl Vrkljan, Beyond the Classroom
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Q&A with Beyond the Classroom Franchisee Cheryl Vrkljan

Why did you become a franchisee?
I became a franchisee because a very high quality business opportunity presented itself. I wanted the opportunity to own my own business, and use my skill set, while at the same time work with other like-minded individuals. I love being a franchisee because of the support I receive from the owner, as well the other franchisees working alongside me. I appreciate the fact that practical systems have been developed and are already in place, and I also appreciate that there are others I can ask for support when needed. Being a franchisee allows me to build a quality brand that I believe in, while still affording me the opportunity to use my own creativity to run my business in my own way.

How did you choose your franchise?
I chose Beyond the Classroom based on 3 criteria: Is it a good fit for my skill set? Is it something I personally and professionally believe in, and can find purpose in? Is it a business that fit with my values?

What do you enjoy most about being a franchisee?
I love the fact that I run my own business, in my own community, but still have the support of a larger organization. I am in business for myself, but I am never alone. I continue to build my business in a way that makes sense for myself and my community, but I enjoy the benefits of a proven brand and have access to existing tools that can help build the business. Brand recognition, including the high quality of services offered, ongoing support from a team, and the use of pre-designed practical tools are all reasons I love owning a franchise!

In what ways do you support or get involved in your local community? Why is this important to you?
Involvement in the community is the key to developing relationships, which in turn will help your business succeed. In my opinion, the key to running a successful business is building and maintaining relationships in my community based on mutual trust and respect. I happily sponsor and participate in community events, support local activities, educate groups about learning-related issues, and offer advice to other entrepreneurs if and when needed. I volunteer my time with local children’s sport groups and share information with members of my community freely and regularly. In turn, my community supports me and my business!