Seerat Singh, AllStar Wings & Ribs
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Q&A with AllStar Wings & Ribs Franchisee Seerat Singh

AllStar Wings & Ribs franchisee Seerat Singh with her children

Why did you become a franchisee?
Seerat always wanted to run a sports bar. She loved sports like curling and tennis from the age of 5. Her dream was to run a successful sports establishment. Seerat was also looking for structure. Her family was running their own furniture business and had to be at the store at all times because the four partners were the only employees they had. They would have to work night and day, 7 days a week at times. The family wanted to work for themselves with a staff of people to provide balance in their lives.

How did you choose your franchise
It was originally her brother-in-law, Sunny’s, idea. The family were regular customers of the original Markham location. Sunny, Jesse and Poonam would go for wings all the time – sometimes three times per week = going out of their way to visit the Markham location. When Seerat began looking into franchises, Sunny suggested an AllStar Wings & Ribs restaurant. Seerat called one Saturday afternoon and Tom (Anastopoulos, President & CEO, AllStar Wings & Ribs) answered. He provided her so much information and she had no idea she was talking to the franchisor. The family has since purchased the original Markham location, where they have many fond memories, and are the original owners of the Scarborough location (McCowan and Ellesmere), which is just over 3 years old now.

What do you enjoy most about being a franchisee?
“Good question,” Seerat pauses, “There are tons of reasons why I love being a franchisee.” The brand has brought a successful business and the atmosphere is so uplifting. The location is always busy and she loves that the restaurant brings people together, especially during sporting events. During the opening process, the team was taught a method on how to do things. They have learned that implementing the AllStar Wings & Ribs concept has brought them success and a reputation within the Scarborough community for being the best family-friendly sports-themed restaurant – and for having the best wings, of course.

Seerat with her Scarborough team

In what ways do you support or get involved in your local community? Why is this important to you?
For the past two years, Seerat’s team has participated in and donated gift cards to the Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital’s Bed Race to raise money for the hospital. During the Christmas season, their Scarborough location participates in CTV’s Toy Mountain initiative. Throughout the year, they sponsor baseball and hockey teams, donate gift cards to school auctions and fairs, and offer corporate discounts to surrounding businesses.