Fred Scheuer, Intrigue Media
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Fred Scheuer, Intrigue Media

“If you want to be part of a business that’s very community oriented, make money and have fun while doing it, this is a great fit.”


While in university, Fred Scheuer met fellow students Paul Demarco and Rob Murray, future business partners who would go on to found Intrigue Media, a franchise that offers digital marketing solutions to local businesses.

Years later, Scheuer had a successful career in sales but was unhappy. After speaking with Demarco and Murray about his situation, he decided to team up with friend and former schoolmate Dave Hannaberg to open Intrigue Media franchises in Milton and Oakville, Ontario.

Scheuer had watched his friends build the franchise from the ground up and was attracted to the profit margins, as well as the community-centric business model. “I like the way they built the business by being involved in the community and having a give-back mentality,” he says.

While Hannaberg looks after the administrative side of the business in addition to sales, Scheuer’s primary role is to bring in new clients, whether it’s securing host locations for Intrigue Media’s televisions or finding local businesses and organizations to buy ad space on their screens, or to sign up for online advertising campaigns.

On any given day, then, he is usually out meeting with current and prospective clients, or attending networking events. Scheuer isn’t afraid to step outside of the box, either. For instance, he recently started a Fantasy Football league for entrepreneurs in Milton and Oakville.

Scheuer says his success as a salesperson comes down to his mindset. “I don’t think ‘how can I sell them?’ I think ‘how can I help them with their business?’” Not surprisingly then, he says building relationships is the highlight of being an Intrigue Media franchisee.

Prospective Intrigue Media franchisees should be passionate and creative in order to come up with good marketing campaigns, in addition to being hard working. Scheuer says a sales background is not necessary, so long as you’re willing to put yourself out there. “You can’t be afraid to do sales. If you’re afraid to try it, it won’t work out,” he advises. “If you’re willing to go out into the community and meet people and talk to them about marketing, Rob and Paul can give you the basics to close the sale.” Even as an experienced salesperson, Scheuer says he benefitted from the sales training provided by Intrigue Media.

Training is an ongoing process, says Scheuer, with regularly scheduled meetings to discuss sales and product training, successes and challenges. Head office also provides all of the software infrastructure for the televisions, which franchisees can control from their homes. Finally, head offices manages all of the online advertising campaigns for clients, allowing franchisees to earn additional revenue by selling online advertising without having to run the campaigns themselves.

In addition to having great profit potential, Scheuer says the main benefit of owning an Intrigue Media franchise is becoming part of the local business community. “We believe in connecting local businesses with local consumers. To do that, we have to be involved in the community and understand the community. If you want to be part of a business that’s very community oriented, make money and have fun while doing it, this is a great fit.”

Originally published in FranchiseCanada November/December 2014

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