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Franchising plays an important role in the lives of Canadians and the Canadian economy. Here are some of the ways franchising positively impacts people and communities across the country:

Franchising offers important business, career, and employment opportunities
Franchising provides an opportunity for a wide range of individuals – those looking to start a career, change careers, follow their passion, become a business owner, expand their business and more.

Franchising helps our entrepreneurs find success
Franchising offers aspiring entrepreneurs a lower-risk route to business ownership through brand recognition, franchisor support and a tried-and-true system. It also enables current entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with less capital by partnering with franchisees in local markets.

Franchises create jobs
1 in every 14 working Canadians is employed by a franchise system. Whenever a new franchise location opens, it creates employment opportunities in the local community.

Franchisees are local
Many franchisees are active in their communities – for example, they may join local business associations, sponsor sports teams and other community groups, and support local charities.

Franchising provides direct and indirect economic benefits in communities
Every time a new franchise location opens, it creates a positive economic ripple effect in its local community, including new employment opportunities, the purchase of the materials, goods, and services required to operate the business, and the tax base that it creates.

Franchise revenue starts local and stays local
Unlike large, corporate ownership-based chains where money spent in one community may ultimately end up in another city, province or even country, the bulk of the money spent at a franchise location remains in its community and invested in the local area.