Tim Kemp, Metal Supermarkets
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Tim Kemp, Metal Supermarkets


“Franchising gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own business.”

Tim Kemp was already a veteran in the metals industry when he decided to join Metal Supermarkets in 1992. He heard that they were looking to open a franchise location in Edmonton and the local franchisee needed someone with a metals background. Tim was tired of working for a large corporation where he felt like he was often looked

over. “I felt like a small cog in a big machine,” he says. Naturally, he jumped at the opportunity to join a smaller organization where he could better control his future.

Tim was the first employee for the Edmonton franchise store, the company had only been franchising for a few years. After working in the location for a number of years, Tim saw an opportunity to open his own store, and relocated to the Vancouver area to open his initial Langley location in 1997. Subsequent locations in Burnaby in 2004 and Richmond in 2014 have been successfully opened. Since then, he’s watched Metal Supermarkets grow into an international franchise system with over 80 locations worldwide. He says opening a franchise with Metal Supermarkets taught him how to successfully run a store and it might not have happened otherwise. “I probably wouldn’t be in the business if I’d had to do it on my own,” says Tim.

Tim currently operates three franchises in Langley, Burnaby and Richmond, British Columbia and is in charge of over 30 staff members across his three locations. He likes to use communications boards to keep everyone informed of how the stores are doing as well as celebrate staff birthdays and work anniversaries. Tim’s locations also support a local mission that helps the homeless as well as sponsoring a Big Brother/Big Sister bowling tournament in Langley.

For Tim, being able to make his own schedule is what he enjoys most about being a franchisee. He also says that being his own boss was always his biggest goal and he’s now living his dream thanks to Metal Supermarkets. Now he gets to make business decisions for himself while also receiving support when needed.

“Franchising gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to run their own business. It makes it easier.”

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